Birth of a pluviophile

Hello everyone, it's Lyly co-founder of Flotte! Today, I decided to tell you about the creation of the brand, our vision and our philosophy. With Mickaël, my partner in life (my alter-ego and soulmate), we decided to embark on the adventure in 2020.

Our objective ? Make people love the rain by bringing joy and good humor, with flexible and colorful clothes. Collections designed in 100% recycled and certified fabrics.

Our ambition? Create the largest pluviophile community for whom rain is life. Indeed, without rain there is no flower, no fruit, no life! 

We started from the observation that the rain is often considered gloomy and depressing. Our desire? Revive all our childhood memories, rediscover the smile and the emotion that everyone had when we jumped in the puddles.

Our credo? It is to reuse the existing to pollute less. 

So we imagined Flotte like a responsible fashion brand that you wear with a smile.

That's not all !

And because there are very few countries where it never rains, we decided to add a sewn pocket like on our flagship model the Amelot, in order to transform it into a backpack in an instant. So that the rain is no longer an obstacle.

We therefore imagined a colorama of 15 colors reminiscent of those of the rainbow because it is well known: after the rain there is always good weather!