How to choose your winter coat?

How to choose your winter coat?

That's it, the good autumn weather is getting further and further away and the cold sets in in our daily life, we say goodbye to the beautiful colors, to the red tones of last season to welcome freezing cold and sleet. Well, after all, winter also has its charm (even if it freezes our fingers at the slightest foot placed outside), then no reason to sulk. ❄️

Besides, given the freezing temperatures that are coming, which team are you more of? The one who hibernate or the one who face the cold ? If you are from team number 2, we have a second question for you: are you more of a comfort team first or no matter what style? 

In any case, if the arrival of winter causes a lot of talk (and leads to repeated complaints against the cold) it imposes above all one thing: the purchase of a coat. Ah the coats... What a story every year when it comes to having to buy this essential element of the winter wardrobe. Between fashionistas and fans of comfort and heat, several schools dispute the subject. 

The important thing is to find a coat in which you feel comfortable, in which you can leave adventure in the mountains, on the beach or in the countryside, than frolicking in the streets of the city. What if it's time to explore the key elements a comfortable, warm, practical AND stylish coat? 

Choosing the right cut for your coat

Choosing the cut or style of your coat can be a very tedious task. Nevertheless, it is not to be neglected! There are a lot of different coats: parkas, jackets, quilted jackets, woolen coats, long, short, rather classy or rather comfortable (sometimes they easily combine the two). Some are more suitable for adventures and others to one quieter daily life. Of course, you will not necessarily choose the same type of coat if you want to go hike or if you want to buy one to go to the office every day! Although… Some coats may do the trick for both.

The best allies against the cold on a daily basis and whatever the situation are the parkas and jackets. These coats are ideal since they are both practical and warm, while being stylish. On top of that, they leave you free to move.

If you are a little less chilly than average or simply more comfortable when you are not all bundled up, you are surely a fan of sleeveless down jackets. Very popular, they are, it is true, well practice when it comes to dressing without the fuss. Rare are the people who appreciate being tight at the level of the shoulders and even less of the arms when they wear their coat, so the sleeveless down jackets often present themselves as THE solution! 

A good coat should keep you warm

This detail seems obvious, but how to choose a coat that lasts hot ? 

Generally, we turn to wool, but when it comes to parkas or jackets, it is not the first component that would come to mind. Several solutions have been adopted to keep you warm in your coat, starting with the wool.

We all know that fleece is ideal for feeling warm, who doesn't have a good pull or a good one Polar jacket ? So, to keep this comfort that we love so much, the parkas can be lined with an ultra-warm fleece layer, without weighing down or bulking up the coat itself. We have here the perfect compromise between comfort and warmth!

Find your Pompidou parka 

About the jackets, it is the padding that is interesting to watch: it must be hot (thanks Sherlock), but also resistant et insulating. This is the case with the Dupont Sorona fiber that pads our different down jackets (reversible et without sleeves). Resistant and respectful of the environment, this fiber is an alternative to feathers and has a longer lifespan and higher quality! 

Eco-responsibility and the choice of materials come into play at this level, at Flotte, we opt for the best materials that respect the environment while being as (or even more) effective than the usual materials. Moreover, the polyester that makes up our coats is also a recycled polyester (the rPET), from the recycling of plastic bottles.

A warm coat but not only

most when you choose a coat, it's the additional features you don't necessarily expect from it. Yes, we want our coat to keep warm above all, but what's better than a coat Multifunctional ? 

Winter means cold, but winter also means wind, rain, fog, and even snow ! (I.e.️ And to face all these bad weather, as diverse as they are, parkas and down jackets are the perfect coats. For what ? Because they often have the advantage of being waterproof et windbreakers, in other words: they have the important and essential details of a good coat to face all weather conditions!

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