We could keep talking to you about Flotte, but the press does it so much better than us...

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"Your growth dream?
To become the benchmark for outerwear, recognized for its practicality, technicality, durability and inclusiveness."

"Flotte is a French brand of rainwear designed from recycled bottles, timeless, colorful and mixed. This start-up is part of Challenges'"100 start-ups to invest in 2023" selection."

"We've been at it for three years now." Lyly and Mickaël set themselves the challenge of making their waterproof jacket in France. That's why they want to play their part in reindustrialization by relocating this technical expertise.

"While all model design is carried out in their Paris workshop, Lyly and Mickaël have always wanted to relocate part of their production as quickly as possible, but this doesn't happen without substantial investment. That's why they're launching this crowdfunding campaign, which will enable them to make the first " Bonne Nouvelle" pre-production run in France. "