We could still talk to you about Flotte, but the press do it much better than us…

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"Flotte settled in Pays Basque in the BAB2 shopping center. This ephemeral shop is the first reward of the contest. They also received an envelope of 100.000 euros for this project. The store opened its doors for a period of three months, in Anglet, until June 15, 2022.

“It was because one of their friends couldn't find an original, colorful and eco-responsible anorak on the market that Lyly Wu Co and her partner, Mickael Pan, decided to design it. Flotte was born in 2020 around the idea " to make people love the rain with modular and colorful clothing, made from recycled and certified materials »»

“This cheerful Frenchy brand offers pretty reversible down jackets. One waterproof side, a smooth 100% recycled fabric, another padded side, a casual look with padding made of materials of plant origin. Your best ally against the cold and the rain…”

"Through particularly atypical colors, clothes from Flotte are a real soul supplement in an outfit. That's good, since the brand has just been releasedaccessoriesechoing this identity. But we are not without knowing it, the rain is there every day of the year, especially in summer. It is for this reason that Flotte decided to create a parallel collection, which consists of accessories for spring/summer (and not only!)"

"Clothes made from 100% recycled fabrics, But also certified. On paper, the brand is all good! But that's not all: starting from the logical principle that the rain is an essential element of life on earth, Flotte has set itself the goal of making us love her through clothes.”

"It is raining ? Don't panic, we have what it takes to protect ourselves! Flotte is a new label specializing in fashionable waterproof raincoats"

"The first prize, worth 100.000 euros, was awarded to the French brand of rainwear Flotte, who will be accompanied to open a boutique in one of Carmila's shopping areas. Born end of 2019, the label aimed at "rain enthusiasts" first wove its web in France by betting on the wholesale network."

“After reviewing the 71 applications, Carmila announced the three winners of its competition on September 23. Flotte, French brand of eco-responsible rainwear, wins first place of this edition. She will be accompanied during setting up your own shop in a Carmila centre."

“A hundred resellers have already started working with Flotte in France alone, with fashion profiles, but also lifestyle, quite diverse concept stores such as Thank you, Flow, Brand Bazaar, Abou d'Abi Bazar... Distribution is also starting in Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia and Japan, as well as online with the brand's direct e-shop.”