How to choose and wear your down jacket?

How to choose and wear your down jacket?


When the cold weather arrives, a question always arises: which coat to choose? We have the answer for you: doudoune ! The down jacket is the winter garment par excellence, it is created specifically to keep you warm when the temperatures drop. But why is the down jacket better than other coats?

La doudoune is the perfect coat because it adapts to everyone: parents, children, men, women, in short, you will inevitably find the down jacket made for you. There are also several versions, thin, thick, long or short down jackets, hooded or not, and even a lot of different models: checkered, lined... You got it right, there's something for everyone.

What is the advantage of a padded coat?

Beyond the diversity of models of jackets, it is a coat that also adapts to the seasons. Depending on the thickness or length you choose, it will lend itself more to mid-season or the great cold of winter. They say that a down jacket is made to keep you warm and that you wear it as soon as the temperatures drop below 15°! That leaves you the whole fall and winter season to enjoy it.

A bit like the parka, the doudoune is also the coat of comfort, the one that keeps you warm and in which you feel comfortable. It is generally worn with pants, leggings or jogging if you are in sport mode or walking. Regarding it, there are everyday enthusiasts and great athletes who prefer it. If you like hiking for example, it can be useful to you in winter. 

And then the doudoune is also and above all a simple garment to match, we often turn to neutral colors to be able to match it with a maximum of outfits but you can also opt for colors that are a little more peppy to give a little life to the winter greyness !

Charonne reversible and waterproof down jacket with plant-based padding

The down jacket: a warm and practical coat

What makes the strength of jackets, it is their padding. Indeed, this is their whole heat secret! Down jackets fill with air and the more air they fill, the warmer they can be said to be. Moreover, contrary to what one might think at first glance, the warmth of a down jacket is not measured by its thickness, some thin down jackets are made to keep you warm.


The sleeveless down jacket: an essential that crosses the seasons

Likewise, there are sleeveless down jackets, and we might find that strange, right? A coat is made to keep warm, so why take off its sleeves? In reality, a down jacket that lacks sleeves does not lack warmth! Some wear it for style, others have understood that it is a real solution to be warm. The sleeveless down jacket is practical because it can be worn under a heavy coat, for example, or even indoors when the weather is not very hot. In short, it is ultra practical and that cannot be taken away from it.

Regarding padding, you will often find jackets stuffed with goose or duck feathers. At the house of Flotte, we made the choice to opt for another solution, just as warm and effective: the Dupont Sorona fiber. 


 What is Dupont Sorona fibre?

It is a fiber of plant origin, a polyester fiber precisely designed to remedy the use of feathers, and more broadly fibers of animal origin. The Sorona is intended to be an alternative to materials such as elastane, which is a material that is widely controversial for its environmental impact.

So, if this fiber is rather recent, it should be remembered that it is still just as soft, resistant and insulating, and therefore just as effective. One thing is certain, you don't have to worry about being less warm with this fiber. Moreover, its advantages are numerous:

  • It dries much faster than synthetic fibers, so it's even more practical when you need to wash your coat! 
  • It has great UV resistance, enough to keep the vibrant colors of your down jacket and extend its lifespan and quality.

One thing to remember then: the material we use to stuff our jackets in Flotte is a real alternative to avoid the use of materials of animal origin without altering their effectiveness! Our down jackets will keep you warm as promised, and even dry.

The waterproof down jacket

What is good with a doudoune, is that it integrates several functions. In addition to keeping you warm, it often keeps you dry and sheltered from the wind, which is why it is particularly appreciated for hiking or mountain getaways.

The reversible down jackets de Flotte even offer you 2 coats in 1: with an insulating and water-repellent down jacket side and a waterproof parka side, you no longer have to fear all the vagaries of the cold seasons! And for fans of sleeveless jackets for men et for women, we also offer it to you, still just as hot, still just as practical, still just as effective. 😉

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