How do I maintain my raincoat?

How do I maintain my raincoat?

Wash your recycled raincoat at home

Un waterproof is a room subject to rain (obviously) but also to snow, pollution or mud splashes! It thus tends to get dirty and quickly cover itself with stains. In addition, we admit, our coins are very often light in color, the slightest task is likely to be seen. So, as you cannot entrust them as often as you would like to the dry cleaners, you have to know how to maintain them yourself and in complete safety. Here is our easy guide to nettoyer your room Flotte !


Step 1: Washing your rain jacket

Best practices for washing your raincoat

Even before submitting your clothing Flotte in the washing machine, we advise you to close your garment. If it is a raincoat Amelot for example, do not forget to close the central zip, as well as all the pockets.

You can then wash your waterproof machine, cold and up to 30 ° C, adding a very small amount of washing-up liquid. Go for a two-step rinsing then a very moderate spin to avoid wrinkling the garment unnecessarily. If your washing machine has a delicate program, don't hesitate to use it!

❌ It is strongly advised not to use powder detergents in direct contact with clothing. Also, do not use products that may contain fabric softeners, fabric softeners or stain removers. Also avoid the use of chlorine on your garment. All of these would greatly reduce the effectiveness of the waterproof film in your jacket or coat.

💡 We advise you to wash your clothing Flotte alone, or with a few other very lightly soiled items. 




Step 2: Drying the garment

Once the clothing machine washed, we advise you to lay it out flat or on a hanger, and quietly wait for it to dry on its own. 

The use of the dryer is strongly not recommended to preserve the waterproof fabric. You still wouldn't like your raincoat Flotte be damned, if?



Step 3: Last but not least, iron your raincoat

After washing your play Flotte, you can iron it, but only with steam! It is normal for the part to come out of the machine a little wrinkled, a little steam ironing Using a steamer/ steamer and voila! Your room Flotte is like new!




So, what did this washing session look like? Show us your social media exploits with the hashtag #TeamFlotte and identifying us @flotte. Fr ! 🌈



  • Vermot

    Lack for a raincoat the information on the waterproofing capacity is what we call the water column 😉

  • Glassmaker

    Should we re-waterproof the fabric (using a waterproofing spray) after washing?
    thank you in advance

  • DANY

    I tested my new purchase of a raincoat FLOTTE during my three day stay on the Normandy coast. I took monumental showers :) and I was totally protected in my raincoat. Well done, it's beautiful, very practical, light, foldable, very comfortable, breathable and really waterproof. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and in addition to a French ethical brand which has strong values ​​and which keeps its promises. CONTINUE

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