Flotte, sales and Black Friday

Flotte, sales and Black Friday

At Flotte, a commitment to responsible fashion is ingrained in our DNA, guiding every decision we make. Here, we explain why we prefer to say no to Black Friday and sales.

Responsible fashion, 365 days a year

At Flotte, we don't compromise when it comes to responsible style. We're committed to creating year-round collections rainwear andaccessories and accessories designed with you in mind. Yes, creating eco-responsible pieces requires a financial investment in terms of research and development. But we're proud of it, and we want our sustainable pieces to be accessible at the right price, 365 days a year, without waiting for sales or Black Friday. For us, environmental responsibility is not just a trend, but a constant commitment.

Technical and eco-responsible

Protecting yourself from the rain shouldn't be at the expense of the planet. That's why we make a point of choosing materials that respect the environment. Our collections are made from 100% recycled and certified fabrics that comply with Oeko-Tex® and GRS standards. By preserving the planet, we also preserve your style, by creating products that are both technical and environmentally friendly.  

No overproduction

Our timeless collections are designed to accompany you all year round. We opt for thoughtful production with reasoned quantities and limited stock. Although some pieces may occasionally be out of stock, we prefer to run short of demand rather than overproduce, in order to limit any wastage.

At Flotte, we value our customers' opinions. Discover their experiences and feedback on our opinion. Your satisfaction and commitment are the real driving forces behind our approach.

As you will have understood, our refusal to participate in Black Friday and the sales is not simply a commercial decision, but an affirmation of our commitment to responsible and sustainable fashion.

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