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To all furball parents, this collection is for you. Flotte x Bandit is the matchy-matchy collaboration to dress dogs and masters. To face the rain and the cold with your pet, we have imagined the essentials for your next walks: raincoats and down jackets for dogs. Fun, practical and eco-responsible collection.



      At the beginning of Flotte, we find Lyly and Michael. They decided to start 2020 and create the colorful and unique brand of raincoats that is Flotte ! Lovers of rain, their goal was to bring together the largest community of pluviophiles, people for whom rain is life 🌈

      → Find out more about their motives.

      Coat and raincoat for dogs

      Get ready to walk in the rain with our matchy dog ​​and handler raincoat and down jacket.

      The raincoat and down jacket for dogs are the ideal companions for your dog to wear during the cold seasons. We have imagined the essentials for your next walks. These pieces offer you the playful, practical and eco-responsible way to protect your beast of love in case of bad weather. A collection made from recycled materials and available in a variety of colors, styles and sizes!

      rain jackets Flotte combine technicality and practicality thanks to numerous features. Our waterproof clothing is designed to keep you dry in the rain every day and to face the bad weather in color. From classic beige to colour, including prints, choose your blue, black, green, pink, orange, red, yellow or even leopard, snake or flowery jacket.

      Thanks to the know-how of Flotte, our rain jackets withstand 10mm of water pressure, you don't have to worry about surprise downpours. Go on an adventure while being protected thanks to our waterproof and double-slider zippers, practical on the bike. Also protect your personal belongings inside the zipped pockets or closed with press studs. To ensure maximum waterproofness, the seams of our garments are heat-sealed. Our windproof raincoats are breathable and resistant, they act as a real second skin and will give you joy and freedom.

      Any questions?

      We tell you everything here

      There are dozens of dog breeds in the world. And each of them has a different level of cold resistance. It's important to understand the different ways you can cover your dog in cold weather. This is especially important if he lives in an area with low or even subzero temperatures.

      In order to prevent your pet from catching cold and therefore becoming ill, a coat or sweater is often essential. You should cover your dog based on its breed, health and age.

      On a jacket with water-repellent fabric, rainwater will flow and will not pass through the fabric, unless there is stagnation. The waterproof jacket will not have this problem. To find out more about waterproofing, find all the information here.

      To clean your waterproof jacket, put it in the washing machine, cold and on a delicate program. To properly wash your rain jacket, follow our .

      You can find us in many reseller shops in France or in our pop up stores when we have the opportunity to open one. To find out which store is closest to you, take a look at our carte.

      We strongly advise against using the dryer for your waterproof jacket, as this would damage its protective film. Instead, we recommend that you let your rain jacket dry flat or on a hanger.