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Waterproof jacket | Mid-season essential

The wind is picking up, temperatures are dropping, gray clouds are covering the sky and rain showers are reclaiming their rights over our lives. In short, autumn has made its big comeback in our daily lives, and for that an essential must be possessed: a waterproof ! Best companions for everyday life, rain jackets are essential to face the seasonal showers. Very often windproof in addition to being waterproof, these technological jewels (almost) have everything to please you ☔️


The waterproof jacket is a real essential for the fall season, but not only! She is very helpful on an regular basis and all year round, as soon as the rain comes, in town or in the countryside, on vacation or to go to work... A raincoat has many advantages, starting obviously with its optimal protection against the rain. But a rain jacket is more than just that, it has many more beneficial features and ingenious details to keep you dry

All about waterproofing

A waterproof jacket is not simply a jacket on which a waterproofing or water-repellent spray has been applied (that would be too simple). First, when you go looking for your essential mid-season jacket, pay close attention to the protected offered against the rain. There are water-repellent jackets that will give you minimal protection against occasional rain at best, but won't be made for heavy downpours. 🌧

To make a jacket waterproof, there are several solutions: 

  • Either we apply a water-repellent coating to it thanks to the process of coating, which will prevent the water from passing through, but only temporarily.
  • Either we design it directly with a membrane on the inside of the garment. The membrane is a hydrophilic film that prevents water from entering, and lets the water vapor in your body escape! This solution is recognized as being more efficient and more durable than the first.

In short, a raincoat is designed and designed to withstand bad weather for as long as possible. What's more, there are different levels of protection, these levels are measured in millimeters of water. For good protection, opt preferably for a resistance to 10mm of water. 💧

If you want a little more info on waterproofing, how it works and how it's tested, it's by here !


How to choose your raincoat?

Making a fabric waterproof is good, but preventing water from entering is better! So when you choose your raincoat, take a good look at all the details that will provide you with maximum protection. In addition to the indications of impermeability, other specificities are to be taken into account. 

On a waterproof jacket, if the openings are not well thought out, you are likely to end up wet all the same. So, to ensure an effective barrier, the seams of waterproof jackets are often heat-sealed or heat-sealed, and the zippers have a flap that double protects the zipper of your jacket against water. 

And because we know that nowadays nobody really walks around empty-handed (a phone, a wallet, maybe even tissues because it's cold season...) the pockets of raincoats are also thought out to prevent water from entering. They can have the same zippers as the rest of the jacket, or function using a buttoned flap, with pressure, cutting off access to rain and moisture!

Un waterproof is often equipped with many advantageous details and intended to keep you dry (and warm, down with the wind!). Often you will find adjustment elastics and stoppers placed at the level of the hood, the waist, the bottom of the jacket, and sometimes on the wrists too! Thanks to them, you can adjust your protection as you see fit, depending on how much rain is falling or how much wind is blowing. (I.e.

It is even possible to find raincoats with an even more optimized setting. For cycling enthusiasts, for example, adjustable hoods in length, width and even depth are imagined on raincoats! Say goodbye to hoods that prevent you from seeing as soon as you turn your head. Not practical in life, and even less on a bike. 

When you are told that thewaterproof is the essential for mid-season, we're not lying to you, everything has been thought out to perfect it!

Why choose a breathable raincoat?

In addition to being waterproof, rain jackets are often windbreaker. They serve as a barrier, not only against the rain, but also against the cool breeze of the season. Save money and time: no more wondering What jacket am I going to be able to opt for this morning? ". A waterproof guarantees you THE ideal two-in-one!

Who says windbreaker necessarily says that the wind will not pass. Thus, the last technical detail to consider is the breathability raincoat. Important detail, it is the one that will allow you not to sweat like an ox inside your rain jacket. However, we get along, there is no magic solution to not sweat AT ALL, it's human 🥵

When choosing your raincoat, pay particular attention to the information concerning the breathability of your garment. They will define the ability of your jacket to evacuate water vapor that emanates from your body because of the difference between its temperature and the outside temperature.

How do you know the breathability of a waterproof jacket?

Breathability is measured in g/m2 / 24h, in other words we measure the quantity of water vapor evacuated over 1 m2 in 24 hours by the jacket. As an indication, we consider that a raincoat is breathable at 10gsm2 / 24 p.m. and that on the contrary, it will not breathe much below this measurement. If you look carefully at the labels on your raincoat, you will certainly find this information!

How to wear a raincoat?

Waterproof jackets, there are a lot of them. Raincoats long, mid-thigh length or even wide… These are the ones that generally appeal the most, for the simple and good reason that in rainy weather, you put on your protection over an outfit already well stocked. Raincoats are thought out and designed to be practical, to be able to meet a real need: to protect you, while being comfortable!

Some of you may also choose to opt for more elaborate models, like bombers, cups straight, short, or trench coat ! 

And whether for parents or children, the choice is always wide, the list of models extends, that of colors and patterns too. In short, going in search of your favorite raincoat is almost child's play! 

Today we find of stylish and colorful raincoats for woman and for men, we are no longer satisfied with basic and bland rain jackets.



The raincoat, above all a practical jacket

Any self-respecting waterproof jacket will also accept having to be stored. We all know it, after the rain comes the good weather. So when the sun finally comes out, you don't usually need to wear a rain jacket anymore. 

Practicality is the key word in every waterproof jacket. Very often, they are designed to be able to be stored in a pocket, the hood, or even in a integrated bag ! ????


There you go, we've given you all the reasons why the raincoat is mid-season essential (and just a wardrobe). You have at your disposal all the details on which to focus your attention to make the best choice, so it's up to you! Go find your waterproof prefer (I.e.

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