Children's raincoats & windbreakers

Explore our selection of rain jackets, windbreakers and children's rainwear, combining style and protection. Made from recycled technical fabric, these outfits offer optimum defense against the elements. Discover our collection now for uncompromising adventures, even in wet weather.

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    8 items

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    At Flotte, we use a 100% recycled and certified fabric: rPET (recycled polyester). This fiber is derived from the recycling of plastic waste and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions ♻️

    → Find out more about recycled polyester.

    Éclat Sous la Pluie: Children's raincoats and windbreakers for an adventure without limits

    Discover our collection of children's raincoats and oilskins, designed to embrace every drop of rain with style and functionality. Our rainwear offers unrivalled protection from the elements, combining playful designs with quality materials. Whether it's a rainy walk or a rainy day at school, our kids' raincoats are the perfect choice for staying dry with panache. Explore the magic of rain with outfits that combine practicality, durability and style.

    Style Rain: Children's Rainwear for All Seasons

    Prepare your little explorers to face downpours with our complete collection of children's rainwear. From waterproof jackets to waxed ensembles, each piece is carefully designed to combine comfort and protection. Our water-resistant garments are suitable for all seasons, providing an effective barrier against the rain while keeping kids warm. Give your little adventurers the privilege of playing in the rain with clothing that celebrates the joy of wet days. Dive into our range and let the stylish rain begin.

    Exploration Tout-Terrain : Windbreakers and Hiking Jackets for Children

    Get your young explorers ready for adventure with our range of children's windbreakers and hiking jackets. Designed to withstand fickle winds and changing conditions, our garments offer lightweight, breathable protection ideal for outdoor treks. Whether for a stroll in the woods or a more ambitious expedition, our windbreakers and hiking jackets ensure comfort and freedom of movement. Equipped with modern technologies, these garments are ready to accompany your little adventurers on all their outdoor explorations. Opt for outfits that combine performance and style for limitless escapades, whatever the weather.