Down jackets & Parkas

Down jackets and Parkas for men

Our warm jackets and coats are designed with as much care and technique as our iconic raincoats. Flotte creates trendy, designer cuts that combine practicality and functionality. Designed to handle wind, cold and rain on all your adventures, our down jackets and parkas are lined with fleece and stuffed with plant-based down. 

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    Coats to face the rain and the cold. Our down jackets and parkas Flotte combine technicality and practicality thanks to many features. Our coats are waterproof and designed to keep you dry in the rain every day and to face the cold in color. From the classic black to beige, through green, pink, red or white, several versions have been designed to match most of you.

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    At Flotte, we use a 100% recycled and certified fabric: rPET (recycled polyester). This fiber is derived from the recycling of plastic waste and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions ♻️

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    Technical and resistant down jackets and parkas for men

    Winter is coming, and here is our perfect collection to keep you warm. We know you're looking for something warm, practical and that will keep you looking good. Our durable down jackets and parkas are made of high quality material that will last you through many winters.

    Our rain jackets for men combine technicality and practicality thanks to many features. Our waterproof garments are designed to keep you dry in the rain on a daily basis and to face the bad weather in color. From the classic beige to the color, through the prints, choose your blue, black, green, pink, orange, red, yellow or leopard, snake or flowery jacket. 

    Thanks to the expertise of Flotte, our rain jackets can withstand up to 10,000 mm of water pressure, so you don't have to worry about surprise downpours. Go on adventures while being protected with our waterproof zippers and double-slider zippers, convenient for cycling. Also protect your personal belongings inside the zippered or snap-closed pockets. To ensure maximum waterproofness, the seams of our garments are heat-bonded. Our windbreaker raincoats for men are breathable and resistant, they act as a real second skin and will give you joy and freedom.

    Whether you're hiking in the Alps or exploring the streets of New York, our parkas and down jackets are ready for anything. They're made with GRS and Oeko-tex certified, waterproof and windproof fabric. They come in several colors and will keep you warm down to -5 degrees. So they are perfect for city walks or mountain hikes during the winter!

    3 activities to use a down jacket parka

    1. Hiking: Down jackets are great for hiking because they are light, easy to carry, warm and waterproof. You can wear one on your back while hiking or even in front of you to keep the wind from whipping your hair and face.

    2. Snowshoeing: If you're planning to snowshoe this season, a down jacket is an absolute must! You'll be able to stay warm and dry while walking through the snow without feeling the moisture build up inside your coat or getting cold feet from being stuck outside for hours!

    3. Camping: our down jackets of vegan origin are ideal for camping because they are light, easy to carry and warm enough to sleep in without having to worry about freezing winds blowing into your tent at night.

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    Both coats are winter essentials. The down jacket is a quilted jacket padded with down that will keep you warm during the coldest days. It exists with more or less down, more or less thin, long or short ... The parka has a waterproof exterior and a lined interior to keep you warm too. At Flotte, the down jacket is reversible and also has a waterproof side. Both coat models are designed to keep you warm and dry, whether you are hiking or in town.

    Fleet coats are waterproof. They have the same water resistance as our waterproof jackets: 10,000 mm of water column. They are therefore designed to cope with bad weather.

    We strongly advise against using the dryer for your waterproof jacket, as it will damage its protective film. We recommend that you dry your rain jacket flat or on a hanger. 

    You can find us in many retail stores in France or in our pop up stores when we have the opportunity to open one. To find out which store is closest to you, take a look at our map.