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Walk and take care of your dog in rainy weather

Just like us, our dog friends need to exert themselves to stay healthy. But problem, the sky darkens and the wind picks up, we arrive at a time of year during which we would much prefer to stay warm, on the sofa… Impossible for our hairballs! Dogs need to exercise and relieve themselves, so the daily walk is certainly not to be ruled out. 🐶

On the dog side, there are two schools. There are those who love to walk in the rain, for whom it is no problem to be wet, or even who love it! And those who are a bit squishy, ​​who don't like to go for a walk in the rain because, well, the rain does get wet. 🌧

It doesn't matter which side yours is on, you'll have to get it out anyway. You can wait for a clearing to (finally) put your feet and paws outside, but whatever happens, the humidity will be present. So today, the editorial staff of Flotte gives you some advice for the days when you have to go for a walk in bad weather! (I.e.



Why buy a raincoat for your dog?

Even when the weather plays tricks on us, dogs need to get outside, get some fresh air and let off steam, if only to do their business. So what do we do ? We put on our waterproof, we grab the leash and we take out Médor. But very often, as in all big cities, dogs are used to being indoors, so they too may need accessories to protect them in the face of cold and humidity. Fragile dogs are the ones to pay the most attention to: puppies, old dogs, sick dogs... 

If your dog is rain lover, that he always finds a way to jump and run in the puddles, and comes home full of mud, no need to worry, a waterproof gear will not necessarily be necessary. But if your dog is chilly and doesn't really appreciate the rain, you can turn to the raincoats for dogs

When you walk your dog, it's not to make him fall ill. So, even if they tend to be resistant, you have to think about their protected. In rainy weather, you can equip your furball with a dog raincoat, they are designed to protect their body and in particular their belly from humidity. The belly is a sensitive place to which it is particularly important to pay attention. 

Some dog raincoats also have a hood to protect their heads from raindrops. With french bandit, we imagined a dog raincoat whose hood can also be attached so that he is not embarrassed!


Why buy a down jacket for your dog?

On very cold days, you can also equip your dog by padded layer which will keep him warm, without overheating him. With a doudoune, he will be able to walk in the warm, and dry! Hopefully, being equipped will make him want to go out for a walk more.


⚠️️ Before buying clothes for your dog, make sure he can handle them. This is valid for waterproof as for quilted jackets and any other dog accessories! If we sometimes want to please our beloved pets, we must still remain attentive to their needs and desires.

After the walk, dry your dog well!

During the walk, your dog will tend to snort from time to time, especially if he is not wearing a raincoat, to get rid of the water that has fallen on his hair. The dogs are lucky, their hair is already waterproof ! Rather well thought out by mother nature, because this advantage allows them to stay relatively dry for a while. Nevertheless, whether with a waterproof coat or a dog raincoat, your hairball will always be wet, if only on the paws, at the level of the tail or the head. 

The height takes shape when it is covered with mud bonus. At that time, as soon as you return to dry land, do not delay clean it and dry it. You can use a towel microfiber for example, this type of towel absorbs well and is very effective. After rinsing his paws to prevent him from any infection or fungus (or stain on the tiles), dry him with love and voila 

By drying it, your dog will be much more comfortable and you will avoid traces of mud galore throughout the house!


How to avoid the wet dog smell after a rainy walk?

Unfortunately for your nostrils, this step is somewhat unavoidable… By equipping your dog with a dog raincoat and by drying it when it returns, you limit the damage, but you may not be able to escape it. 

Take that as a clue! Sometimes it means it's time to wash your doggie 🧼 But don't forget, if you ever wash it, the procedure to follow is the same as when it comes back from a rainy ride! We dry it well and let it let off steam, moving around will allow it to stay warm and not catch cold despite its wet coat.

So ! With our list of special dog tips in the rain, we hope you can enjoy rainy days with your pooch! And above all, don't forget your matching raincoats master dog! 🤝🐶

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