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Look inspirations to wear for this summer season

Out of inspiration to dress you this summer? We've concocted a short onion list of seasonal outfits (yes yes, in summer you can also wear raincoats). Color combos, fashionable styles, and simply stylish outfits, find in this article a summary of all our made in Flotte.

Trendy and stylish in Anatole: the waterproof work jacket

Anatole is our revisit of the work jacket. But what is the work jacket exactly?

Equipped with 3 pockets and multiple snap buttons, the work jacket was previously worn by craftsmen. In the XNUMXth century, following industrialization, it became the uniform of workers, mechanics, duty companions and painters. Short, thick and functional jacket in Moleskine, we made it lighter, colorful and above all: waterproof.

We have kept its essence: you will find its iconic shape and its 3 pockets, as well as its 5 buttons on the front and its buttons on the sleeves... In short, a modernized and colorful waterproof work jacket.

Anatole #1: A rain jacket in summer colors

Green is trendy this spring, and if we married it to a pretty orange color? The combo will make your outfit sparkling and colorful, perfect for sunny days. If the orange can be scary, it is actually ideal for the hot season. Anatole will be your best ally in the freshness of your evenings. Nothing better than a light and recycled raincoat to be more stylish than all your friends.


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We Love Green, the Solidays, Lollapalooza, do these names speak to you? Who says summer, says… festivals! 🎡 So, if you are looking for a nice and stylish jacket to accompany you during this period, look no further, the Anatole Ginger is THE jacket for you. Always as practical and trendy, the work jacket is a must in the wardrobe to create your best outfits of the season.

PS: we come back to the festival looks a little later in the article 😉


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Anatole #3: A floral raincoat

Wearing patterns can sometimes be complicated. But at Flotte, we love our floral and animal prints, so we're nice, we'll give you a little help. Demonstration with our Anatole Blossom. This floral raincoat is the next unique piece in your wardrobe 💐


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Anatole #4: Sportswear style

Ouch… You are a fan of black but you also love navy blue. The problem, we know it: navy blue does not go very well with black. But how about an indigo/orange combo? Be careful 🚨 You might fall for Anatole after seeing the sporty beach look that follows... We have warned you.


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Anatole #5: Waterproof look for a rainy Sunday

Even on Sundays, here we like to be stylish. It's not because it's the decreed rest day that we, rain enthusiasts, aren't going to give everything we have for our outfit of the day. Pajamas are no ❌ the orange Anatole raincoat from Flotte, that's a big YES!


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A waterproof trench coat for practical chic

God knows the trench coat is THE piece classy-chic et practice of the dressing room. Dressed but also long and comfortable, it allows us to improve an outfit in a jiffy. But if we love the trench coat, we appreciate much less the stains of the drops of water that settle there when it rains. So, to be able to combine chic and practicality, we have made you a waterproof trench coat quality ! From the iconic cut, through its perfect length, to its waterproofness, the trench Flotte is THE ideal trench coat to accompany you on all your outings. Say hello to Madeleine… Hello Madeleeine !

Magdalene #1: An almost perfect dinner

Ladies and gentlemen, we said it above, green is trendy. So why not pair it with a python print, nothing more, nothing less? Quick and efficient, the python trench coat is ideal for a candlelit dinner (or any other occasion worth wearing your best rain jacket Flotte !).


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The icon of rain jackets: Amelot

As you must know, our flagship model at Flotte, it's Amelot! But what makes it the iconic model of the house? 
Already it is the very first model to be released, then, it has merit 👏 Then, there are so many colors and prints that we don't even count them anymore! And above all, he turns into a bag as fast as lightning. With its integrated pocket at the back, and its hidden handles, all you have to do is put it away and make it your most beautiful bag as soon as the rain stops! Moreover, even tidy, there is still enough space to add some of your essential personal belongings 😉

Amelot #1: Sport and fun in rain gear

Summer is approaching and the summer body… not really. But it doesn't matter, as long as we have our raincoat Flotte to catch up. Get ready: a sports outfit to pretend you're going to the gym (we won't judge you if you really go). For that it's simple, we put on Amelot Lilas, and we'll proudly strut outside 😎


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Amelot #2: A special rainy day look

Even though summer is fast approaching, the rainy days never really recede. And that's good, because Flotte accompanies you even in summer! Well yes, what are you going to do if it rains in July without your raincoat?


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Amelot #3: A trip to the museum?

Among the special outings "it's raining 😠", what do you think of the museum? In any case, we really like the idea (even if we also love walking in the rain). As a result, we have unearthed the ideal outfit for you to go see an exhibition while being relaxed and dry in our raincoat in the color of a precious stone: emerald.


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Festival season

Rebelote… Who says summer, says? Festivals! After two years of covid which caused many of these to be canceled, this year seems to be the right one. And if Coachella has already taken place, in France too we have great festivals: Rock en Seine, Solidays, Les Vieilles Charrues, Lollapalooza, We Love Green… In short, nothing to envy the Americans! For that, we have concocted some waterproof looks suitable for the style of festival you are going to attend.

Amelot #4: French Coachella

Well ok, Coachella has passed, but that does not prevent the festival from imposing its style on the scene of “special festival” outfits. So here we didn't hesitate either to imagine a “Coachella” look. For this, the Amelot rain jacket in python version is perfect. Adaptable to all situations, feel free to wear it even for a simple walk in town!


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Amelot #5: For tangy comfort in summer

If you are more of a fan of comfort, whatever the situation, Amelot also adapts. We told you, it's the king of adaptability, so even a jog, no worries, it handles. To add the fun and quirky touch of the festival (all the same), we offer you the orange version of our flagship raincoat, what do you think?


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Amelot #6: Trendy Rave

If rave parties are your thing, we've got you covered too. A stylish and assumed look, with slightly offbeat colors! In this scenario, it is to the Vanille model that we have entrusted your look. Even though his name makes him sound sweet and calm, beware, he's probably one of our most dissipated children.


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Summer 2022 style diary

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