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5 signs that make you a rain lover!

What does being rain-loving mean?

One could summarize the fact of being rain-loving to the simple fact oflove the rain. Either way, it's pretty simple. But in reality, this term hides much more feelings than that. 'Cause loving the rain doesn't mean to just love going out in the rain, as one might imagine at first. 

Rain collectors like to see the sky darken when rainy weather is on the way. They like to watch the rain raging like a show before their eyes, and then listen to it too, like a orchestra accompanying this beautiful world.

We are nature lovers, and nature lovers love it from every angle, even the slippery ones. If the rain is often connoted as gloomy, that people are depressed at the idea of ​​spending several days in the rain, and that they do not like to be soaked, for the rain-lovers it is the opposite. Knowing that rainy weather is brewing for the next few days is very good news! We much prefer that to announcements of summer heat waves…

Maybe you recognize yourself in this description, or maybe you don't... So, to help you see things more clearly, we're talking to you today about 5 signs indicating that you are indeed rain-loving (a little, a lot, or passionately…)! ☔



Sign 1: you love stormy skies

One of the most obvious signs is the feeling that overwhelms you when you see the gray clouds on the horizon. These beautiful, imposing, dark clouds that dress the sky. Their arrival always imposes a particular atmosphere in the environment, whether in town or in the countryside. 

And if you like this clouded sky, it is even better when the thunder rumbles in the distance. When we can feel the sky and the surrounding atmosphere getting heavier, getting ready, panicking in the face of what is cooking right there, above our heads. What you also like is finally being able to feel the first fresh drops of rain falling from the sky, like an inevitable accomplishment 💧



Sign 2: You appreciate the comfort and the fact of being able to observe the rainy weather from the inside

Ahh the very warm duvet, being able to wrap up in your plaid in front of a Netflix series or watching TV movies in the afternoon, feeling protégé et appeased facing the rain that keeps falling right there, behind the window. It's a feeling that many appreciate, we feel unreachable, as invincible in our cocoon. There is an air of inner peace that is felt. Relaxation can then take the place of stress and anxiety, and the mind can finally clear itself. In fact, you feel security and you love it ☁️


Sign 3: the sound of rain soothes you

Flip, flop, flip, flop… Can you hear those drops falling and crashing on the floor? Better yet, you seek them out. You seek to capture this moment when the drop will fall, just to be able to hear its sound. You know theASMR ? It's a bit like the effect the sound of rain has on you. You are among those who could (or who already do for that matter), fall asleep to the music of the rain.

Sign 4: you love walking the streets in rainy weather

It's raining outside ? Ok, that does not scare you! On the contrary, you were almost waiting for that to go out to see the light of day. The falling rain does not slow you down and you love walking in this weather. Some prefer to stay warm and admire it dry, under the duvet, but you, you are part of the team “I put on my raincoat Amelot and I'm going out! This is an opportunity for you to cover up with your favorite rain gear and enjoy the fresh air brought by this water from the sky (literally) 🌧️


Sign 5: the smell of after-rain intoxicates you 

Some people hate this smell that lingers after the rain has passed, that of wet tar, soaked earth, metal almost at times. 

You find this fragrance fresh. And for good reason, it's a perfume, and not a simple smell, that you would almost take with you in a small vial just to be able to smell it even on sunny days. It's a bit like those who love the sound of rain and fall asleep with audio, even on the quietest nights...


So, verdict? Are you more of a rain-loving team or rather not? ☔

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