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Discover our waterproof pants for men, perfect for adventurers! Made from 100% recycled and certified fabric, these cargo pants feature functional details and total protection from the elements.

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    At Flotte, we use a 100% recycled and certified fabric: rPET (recycled polyester). This fiber is derived from the recycling of plastic waste and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions ♻️

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    A must-have for bike and motorcycle travel! Whether you're a bikepacker or a two-wheeled traveler, rain pants are an essential ally for arriving dry at your destination. Whether for your daily commute to work or for long-distance bike touring adventures, our waterproof pants offer invaluable comfort. Rain pants are a valuable asset for year-round riding, whatever the weather conditions. Available in lightweight fabrics and cargo styles for both men and women, they're also perfect for warding off the wind. At Flotte, you'll find a selection of compact, ergonomic rain pants, designed for convenient storage in a bike bag or pannier. For complete protection, explore our range of rain jackets, rain hats and cycling cape, so that nothing stands in the way of you hitting the road, no matter what the weather throws at you!

    Protect yourself from the elements with our Collection of Waterproof Trousers

    Our waterproof trousers and shorts are specially designed to give you optimum protection against rain and wind. Made from robust, durable materials and innovative technical fabrics, they provide maximum comfort for your outings. Flotte rain pants are waterproof, windproof and breathable, ensuring your comfort whatever the weather. When you don't need them, the pants fold compactly, making them easy to carry. Opt for the convenience of always having a stylish pair of light and waterproof trousers in hand, whether you're cycling in the rain or enjoying other outdoor activities such as skating, fishing or walking. Explore our full range of waterproof pants and shorts, available in a variety of styles and cuts to suit all your needs. Don't let fickle weather stop you from enjoying your favorite outdoor activities. Opt for the reliable protection of our waterproof pants and stay dry in style.

    Optimize your workouts with our Men's Rain Jackets

    Men's rain overtrousers offer optimum protection, enabling you to maintain your sporting performance whatever the weather. Avoid the inconvenience of wet, cold clothes with these overtrousers designed to ensure perfect waterproofing. Whether you're hiking, biking, skiing or any other sporting activity, these waterproof pants are your ally against the rainy weather ahead.

    Made from lightweight, breathable textiles, our trousers guarantee not only protection from the rain, but also optimum comfort. Specially designed inserts for ease of movement make these pants a high-quality technical model. Choose performance and protection with rain pants tailored to your activity. Brave the elements without compromising comfort, and make the most of every training session.