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Tutorial: repairing the adjustment elastic of a rain jacket


Most of our waterproof jackets are designed with adjustment elastics at the level of hood and size to allow you to adjust them as you see fit and ensure that your jacket adapts to your morphology and your needs. They are convenient and easy to use, but can sometimes get damaged with use. Like all parts of a garment, an elastic can wear out and the stitch that holds it can jump.

To be ready to repair it if this happens to you, we have concocted a small repair tutorial or how to sew your adjustment elastic and put it back in its place.


Here are the items you need to have:

  • your adjustment elastic
  • its stopper buttons (which are used to block it at the length that suits you)
  • your hood


1st step: fold the elastic so that both sides are the same size and make sure to keep the first stopper at the end of the elastic (where it is folded). Reinsert the elastic through the dedicated hole to bring it out on the other side of the hood and recover the two ends (to be able to put on the second stopper afterwards).

2nd step: now that both ends of your elastic come out of one of the holes in your hood (and the other side is blocked by a stopper), you can thread your second stopper over one end of the elastic.

3nd step: join the two ends of your elastic and wrap them in a small rectangle of fabric.

4nd step: you can then sew this piece of fabric with the elastic so that its two ends are united again and become one! We use a sewing machine, but you can do just as well with a simple thread and a needle 😉

5nd step: put the elastic back in place, hiding the sewn part inside the raincoat. Nobody saw anything!


Find the detailed tutorial for repairing the elastic right here:



For the size, we follow almost the same steps as for the elastic tightening of the hood. Only, instead of sewing it on with a square of fabric, you can sew the elastic directly on the raincoat! Since it's inside, it won't show 😉


1st step: reinsert the broken elastic in the space dedicated to it at the waist of the raincoat.

2nd step: you just have to sew the elastic directly on the raincoat by making 5 to 6 stitches. And we are very careful to sew the two ends!


Find the video tutorial repairing the waist adjustment elastic right here:



After that, your adjustment rubber bands will be like new! And no need to call on another person to fix them 😉



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