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What are the benefits of rain?


Rain is the source of life, without it there would be no flowers no flowers, no fruits, no life. This is our motto, and it takes all its meaning these days. Rain is necessary for the good progress of things, we see well that when it does not rain in a regular way disasters We can see that when it does not rain regularly, disasters occur: floods, problems for the farmers' crops, drought...

In short, we have every reason to love the rain and to appreciate the rainy days ! Beyond being essential for the planetrain is essential for our well-being. And, after all, remember the happy days of your childhood, when during a family walk or in the playground you couldn't help but jump in the puddles because there's nothing more fun at that age.

So, if many people sulk as soon as the rain arrives, we are ready to prove to you by A plus B that rain is life ! 🌈


Rain is the source of life 🌱

First of all, as you know, rain is literally source of life. It is what allows all vegetation to come to life, to evolve, to develop, and in return, to keep us alive by producing the oxygen we breathe.

Rain is much more efficient than tap water for watering your plants for example. Why is that? Because it is simply one of the best existing fertilizers. On top of that, when it rains, rainwater naturally refreshes the air and allows the earth to quench its thirst to be at its best to nourish the vegetation.

Rain is a source of style

For rainy days, it is also necessary to take out an appropriate outfit. The fashions have many fashion accessories special rain boots, booties, umbrella, trench coat, raincoat ... And yes! Who says rain, says especially waterproof jacket ! If there is an opportunity to seize in rainy weather, it is the opportunity to put on his most beautiful raincoat (or one of his most beautiful raincoats 😉). We know you collectors! And you are so right. The idea of being able to dress without worrying on rainy days allows you to not to start your day backwards.

Today, it is possible to have a lot of different raincoats: short jackets short, longhooded, with zipper or snaps ... The raincoats are thought as real pieces of styleThe raincoats are designed as real style pieces, neutral or colored, to slip easily into your most beautiful outfits.

Rain is the key to health 

You may not know it, but rain is a real miracle for our health. When we say that rain is life, we are as concerned as the planet! The fact is that rain is charged with negative ions.

But what are negative ions used for? These negative ions are atoms or molecules that are very beneficial for our health and our organism by helping to renew the air we breathe. They allow us to fight against certain respiratory diseases for example. You can easily realize the benefits of negative ions in rainwater by walking in a humid forest or on rainy days in nature. It is always a little easier to breathe in, the air automatically seems fresher.

When it rains, we fall back into childhood 🦸

As mentioned above, rainy days also remind rain lovers the carefree and innocent innocence of their younger years. If as we grow up we seem to become more reluctant to rain, the reality is that we all (almost) started by adoring the rain. As a child, we don't pay attention to the potential stains that rain, mud, and puddles can create. We just live.

When it rains, time stands still

Inevitably, rain tends to put our day on pause for a moment. So yes, maybe sometimes we're a little forced to wait for the rain to wait for the downpour to pass to go from point A to point B, but it mostly puts our life on pause while we can observe it.

When it rains, you can't help but want to to watch the drops fallon the ground and on the windows that protect us from the weather outside letting off steam. At home, at work, on the train or in a café, you too surely know that slight moment of floating and attention that the rain steals from your thoughts.

Rain adds character to the environment 

Finally, as you may have noticed, when it rains the environment changes in smell, color and appearance. Rain darkens the landscape, increases all our senses and amplifies the scents: in the city, the asphalt fills our nostrils, in the forest it is the earth and the trees that fill the air with their scent... Rain offers us the opportunity to breathe more deeply and to smell odors (that we like or not) that we can't perceive in dry weather.

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