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PORTRAIT | Adeline Jouan and her natural ideas

Adeline admits, "even today"she is still taking "new steps". A young woman of 32, she grew up in Normandy. Born in Dieppe, little Adeline did not arrive in Paris until she was 21 to finish her studies. She spent her early years in the countrysidefar from the madness of the city. Her daily life consisted of picking daffodils with her family and then, when the season arrived, "picking up mushrooms"and "going to the beach to see the waves of the high tides". In short, a simple life, you think. But no, it's much more than that, it's learning to be connected to natureIt's learning to be connected to nature, to live in harmony with the elements and the animals.

It is precisely her roots that have shaped Adeline's personality, concerns and values. Model in life, she is also the author of the blog My natural ideasa treasure for all those who seek to live and consume more responsibly 🌱

To fly with your own wings

Although Adeline has always been aware of the importance of preserving the environment in all its forms, her convictions became more pronounced when she became independent at the age of 18. Living alone means "making your own choices"but also making "more decisions". So yes, the young Adeline, who dreamed of being an oceanographer and for whom Commander Cousteau was "her idol," has been able to make her own decisions.her idol"She is still here as an adult, but she shapes and nourishes her interest in nature in other ways.

In fact, even in her choices of higher education, Adeline has gone in the direction of paths that connect her to the field of natural environments and more widely to the scientific dimension. And yes, because even with all the will in the world, one is sometimes denied the access one would have dreamed of. This is how Adeline, "not good enough in math"was not able to enter the S program in high school. But if you thought that would stop her, far from it. She joined a geography degree in Rouen and then the master's degree in management of ecosystems and natural environments in Paris, which allowed her to meet and listen to speakers, to debate, to talk about subjects that really interest her.

At the same time, Adeline is spotted and sees herself propelled into the world of modeling. At first, she reconciled her life as a student with her life as a model. Then, very quickly, she went full-time and threw herself completely into the world of fashion. What was supposed to be a simple one-year trial turned into a a new daily life. Today, she has been working as a model for 12 years, both as an agency and as a freelancer.


 Piergab 📸


While she thrives in her job as a model, Adeline still wonders about this amazing combination. She has "the impression to have a split personality"her physique poses and serves as an advertisement to make sell, whereas her spirit is against the incitement to overconsumption. How to reconcile her job and her personality when they seem so far apart?

Adeline asked herself this question. Fortunately for her, her path was strewn with loving and enriching encounters. It was a friend who opened her eyes, making her understand that she "needed to eat, to pay [her] rent.need to eat, to pay [her] rent" and that for that, "modeling is just a job". So, if she really likes to participate in shootings and fashion shows, it is there that Adeline has the click, that she understands that it is precisely in her place, in fashion, "where there are so many changes to be made"that she has "the power to make people aware".

It is a set of reasonings and people who have taught him to put things into perspective, and above all, to remove guilt. Yes, working in modeling can be like working for a modern pollution machine, but it is also a job that can only be done when you love it. And above all, the money she earns modeling for brands, she reinjects it into a circular and green economyinstead of feeding the fashion industry endlessly.



It was also when all these questions arose in her that Adeline decided to launch her blog My natural ideas7 years ago. At the time, Instagram was not what it is today, but blogs were booming. What if this was the solution? She, who loves to write, is going to start sharing her tips to as many people as possible.

Starting from the fact that in her new professional environment she could not "could no longer talk about the environment"since, by definition, "on a shooting you pose and you don't talk"Adeline's desire to rediscover her love for nature and her passion for science became urgent. Her mission is to help those who want to consume better by clearing the way, her blog aims to educate, exchange and share.

It is true that at the time, it could be complicated for people to embark on this great adventure of "becoming eco-responsible". And Adeline knows this well, since she herself went through this process when she wanted to improve her daily life. She is therefore a bit like a big sister or a guardian angel for all those who are looking to consume ethical, more responsible and more sustainable (and who don't want to bother doing endless research on the subject). Thanks to her knowledge, she tests, deciphers and and makes available all kinds of subjects, from the most advanced to the simplest.


Today, she lives "much better"this duality and uses it "as a strength, an added value with brands and in agencies"so that she is no longer chosen only for her looks, but also and especially for her personality.

For her part, Adeline also works as a freelance model. Very quickly, she decided that this aspect of her professional status would only be dedicated to dedicated to ethical and responsible brandsbrands that she chooses herself and that are in line with her own convictions.

The further down the road she goes, the more things tend to change too. With all the current scandals and concerns that are coming up, many brands want to make changes. Adeline then presents herself as a real asset, an inspiration, and can share her knowledge with the teams that work with her, to the point of doing "mini conferences during lunch breaks". Over time, she has seen the line between the "two Adelines" of the past blurred.





If Adeline has agreed to work with Flotte on the SS22 campaign, she has nevertheless left out her questions and her deciphering to make sure that the brand respected her words. A real interrogation based on "and why not like this?", "and if you did this instead?"! Our founders, Lyly and Mickaëlwere then able to share with him all their thoughts, their tests, their research tracks. In short, all the axes and points of improvement on which they work daily to reduce the maximumenvironmental impact of the brand.

And in fact, Adeline discovered Flotte long before she was contacted to shoot the campaign, her discovery even dates back to the very beginning of the brand! 

🔁 Back in September 2020, in Biarritz. Adeline is walking around and sees a bag Flotte in the window (in fact, it was one of our impers transformed into a transportable version). By distinguishing the "eco-responsible" label, she wanted to verify that everything was true, and that Flotte was not greenwashing as we see too often today.

One thing led to another and fate brought us together. We can say that he does things well.



Rather team pluviophile or not so much ?

"Average average, but you need rain to have flowers so we'll say rainmaker" -laughs-

What is your favorite raincoat Flotte ?

"It's hard to choose, I took the Madeleine and I also like the short one with the toile de jouy prints -Anatole-" (But her dream is actually to co-create her own piece with our founders 😏)

Do you have any inspirational personalities to advise us to follow? 

      • Mike Horn, explorer, adventurer of the extreme, "I really like what he does because it challenges you, and because of his expeditions (he has done many in the extreme cold) he has an eye for the duration of the changes of landscapes, he has seen changes and makes you discover a lot of things, without being a spokesman for the environment.
      • Jérémie VilletJérémie Villet is a wildlife photographer, specializing in cold areas, "he only takes white pictures and his pictures are beautiful, he also made a documentary "A White Dream" which was beautiful".
      • "All the photo reporters of marine environments, who work for National Geographic, make you discover species. And photos are hyper impacting, more than long texts".


Follow Adeline on Instagram: @adelinejouan and @mesideesnaturelles 🍃

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