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8 good reasons to love fall

 No need to be a diviner to know that the arrival of autumn does not enchant many people every year. Between the days that get shorter and the nights that get longer, leave when it's sunny yet night in the morning and come home when it is already night in the evening
 We know what awaits us in the coming weeks. For all these reasons, autumn is for many synonymous with depression, grayness and bad weather. The autumn days lack light and are strewn with rain, they force us to take the raincoat out of the closet. But after all there is a charm to all that, don't you think? ????

This month, the editorial staff of Flotte has made it its mission to make you (re)love rain, thunder, wind, cold, in short: autumn ! On the menu, a lot of good reasons (and again, we had to make a selection
) to appreciate our short autumn months before the arrival of the great winter cold. đŸ„¶

Number 1: the fall color palette is by far the most beautiful ????

Take the time to observe around you and you will notice all that fall has the pleasure of offering you. The leaves of the trees turn yellow, then red, then fall...Walking in the woods or simply passing under paths of trees in full metamorphosis, that's the real way to enjoy the colors of autumn. From a simple walk to a daily jog, the woods are the most cost-effective option for the season! If you are lucky enough to live near green spaces (soon to be red), take advantage of it and above all: share it with us! Tag us in your most beautiful photos, dressed in your raincoats Flotte favorites to enjoy the rain-lovers' favorite season. 🌧

And pssst
 For those with a sweet tooth, autumn walks in the forest are also an opportunity to go hunting for chestnuts and mushrooms, I say that, I say nothing

Red Leaf Trees Near The Road

Number 2: bask in the warmth and admire the pouring rain through the window...

A must for any self-respecting rain enthusiast
 And you certainly agree with us. Enjoying the good weather spent in the warm, taunting the rain falling outside, a book in one hand and a hot chocolate in the other. A plaid on the knees and the TV on (on the Christmas TV movies that are coming soon!). Or for the bravest among us, the computer in front of our eyes and the glasses on our noses (teleworking is cool for that too, plaid and pajamas – at least at the bottom – but still working, thank you boss ????). 

Number 3: fall equals
 must-have (and especially waterproof) looks!

Between us, what better season than this one to prepare your best looks? It's the season that opens with fashion weeks, so it's viscerally dedicated to fashion! It's time to go looking for the best color combos, practice layering galore, get out your best waterproof jacket, and concoct your best mid-season outfits. It's also an opportunity to wear your favorite jackets, the ones you've been dreaming of putting on since last year, last fall. And if you ever want something new, what better than a new rain jacket to accompany you? At the house of Flotte, the rainy season is the season of choice, so in rainy weather, this is the best advice we could give you! In addition, we have a package to offer you... Find our selection of raincoats just here !

Number 4: the night falls early, take advantage of it! (I.e.

So we know, common opinion tends to hate autumn for this very specific reason: it gets dark EARLY. We feel like we're wasting our day, wasting precious time, we just want to go home after work
 It's true, but can we change anything about it? Not really. So, you might as well recover these few lost hours of the day at night! Here is a recommendation that you would do well to follow: take advantage of this nightfall at 19 p.m. (or even 18 p.m.) to frolic in the streets of the city center. The city has a whole new charm once the natural light is overshadowed. It's the turn of artificial lights to take over, department stores to light up, and soon, Christmas lights to set up... ????

Number 5: before Christmas, there is Halloween!  🎃

How ? Did you forget it? Well ok, it's perhaps a tradition that lives better abroad (we're talking about English-speaking countries
), but that's not a reason to abandon it in France. When we were children, it was a unique moment! Going in the street, looking for sweets from unknown people
 Well said like that, it's less magical. But it's still a mystical party, with a very special atmosphere and which we take pleasure in lending ourselves to the game. As responsible grown-ups, it is still possible to get through this mythical autumn festival while having a good time. too ! The good idea: spend the evening of October 31 in the depths of the sofa with your friends, a marathon of horror films on TV and bowls of popcorn and all kinds of sweets on your knees. Halloween, but make it netflix and chill. 🍿

Number 6: advice to sleepers, it's your time, plus an hour of sleep in October ????

October we go back an hour. The end of October is not only celebrating Halloween, it is also (and above all) the annual time change. As much as that of March, we appreciate it little, as much as that of October
 We gain an hour of sleep and that is not negligible.

Sleeping Beauty - Disney

Number 7: it's time for the return of good hot dishes

No need to wait until December 21 to start preparing winter dishes. Autumn means rain (of course), but it's also the arrival of extreme cold, so to remedy this: we eat hot! Good soups mixed at home with hot broth on the way home from work, passing obviously by all the cheese-based dishes that we love to eat as a family: tartiflettes, good raclette
 In short, you have understood. 

And if you're still not hungry after mentalizing that in your mind, let us tell you about another rainy day treat, this time sweet: baking. Preparing your little cookies, crĂȘpes and pancakes in order to enjoy them with your tea or hot chocolate, here we join the sweet afternoon spent watching the rain that we were talking about a little earlier, the perfect afternoon of autumn. ☕

Number 8: it's almost Christmas soon... ????

Here we are, the end of the year is approaching and that also means that Santa Claus season is lounging at the end of the tunnel. We advised you a little earlier to take advantage of the extended evenings offered by autumn, it is also to be able to stroll under the beautiful Christmas decorations. From famous department store windows to city illuminations, the colorful walks of autumn nights are well worth considering! 

Now that we've listed 8 good reasons to love fall, all you have to do is enjoy them! Get ready to (re)love fall this year... 

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