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11 original Christmas gift ideas for the whole family

Christmas is fast approaching and you still don't know what to get mom, dad, uncle, grandma or just about the whole family? Don't worry, we've made a non-exhaustive list of all our gift ideas for you. To draw as much as you want and for all occasions. And god knows it's not just Christmas that it can be complicated to find gift ideas, so this list is also valid for birthdays and any other occasion. 🎉

What gift to give at Christmas?

There are no rules, as long as you put your heart into it! But at Flotte, we are convinced that offering a useful gift is ideal. It's always fun, and above all we use it! In addition, there are a lot of gifts to give to women, men and even children, so it's even more practical 💡

Christmas gift ideas that keep you warm!

A unique and quality waterproof jacket

First things first, Christmas equals winter, and cold, and rain, and humidity, so what could be more useful than a waterproof colorful and eco-responsible? If you may not have thought of it in the first place, we're here to put it in your head. It is a practical, useful and profitable gift, so we say yes to the raincoat ! You will certainly stand out with this Christmas gift, and if you know the person to whom you are giving it well enough, you have enough to choose the best cut and the most beautiful color so that it corresponds to the maximum. 🌧

Ultra warm fleece

Along the same lines, what could be better than a good pull or a good one Polar jacket to stay warm? The wool is the perfect gift, whether it's for hanging out at home or for a relaxing night out. Soft, warm and stylish, it will necessarily please the person to whom you offer it.

A soft and warm throw pillow

The perfect gift for a cozy moment. As its name suggests, the throw cushion is a fleece blanket which turns into a cushion in the blink of an eye. Ultra practical to take in the car, or to store without cluttering up the cupboards, the cushion version is waterproof, an ideal detail for children and to avoid any disaster that could be caused by a liquid... 


An ultra colorful hat

In the family of winter clothes, a must-have is certainly the bonnet ! It keeps your head warm and your ears warm, it's a perfect Christmas gift for anyone who's a bit chilly. And to put a little pep in this gift, choose one colored, which will put sparkles in the life of the lucky one! ❄️

Cool and stylish Christmas gift ideas

An original declaration of love

Christmas is also and above all a time of sharing. So what could be better than giving a gift that says " je t'aime »? For that, our friends fromEmoi Emoi are the strongest! Love sweater, pretty cups, tote bags, matching clothes, jewellery... You will certainly find what you are looking for here.

The water bottle, the essential gift 

In recent years, the gourd has become our an essential to all. Some buy a whole bunch of them, in different colors and with all kinds of patterns to be able to make it to match with all their outfits. 

So all you have to do is choose from a selection of insulated bottles colored that give the pep and keep your drinks both hot and cold ! 🌈


Candles are also topical. Today, there are as many brands as there are scents and shapes. The candle is no longer just for smelling good, it has become a decorative element in its own right. 

We advise you to opt for candles of medium and large size so that they last longer, original shapes and a little design, or surprise candles with a nice gem inside ! For decorative candles, you can find cubic or wavy shapes, but also slightly more elaborate shapes such as busts, animals or even sneakers! It's a gift that can therefore be very personal

Products to test

For cosmetics lovers and those who like to discover and try new things, you can opt for a subscription to surprise boxes, such as those of Blissim. The person will have the impression of receiving gifts every month! Or concoct your own gift package with eco-responsible products, good for the body and for the planet (we think for example of Breathe !). 

For masters and their doggies 🐶

Every master is in love with his ball of fur, there is no comparison! So what other pleasure than being offered a matching set to walk with your dog while being ultra stylish? Rain suits Flotte x Bandit are the perfect gift for all owners and their dogs.

Original and changing Christmas gift ideas 

A concert, festival or show ticket 🎟

See the artist he or she adores, take part in the most sought-after festival of the summer, attend a ballet or a one-man show... There are so many possibilities and so many stars to put in your eyes of the person to whom you are giving it. It's time to take the plunge and offer a gift that changes!

A massage session or spa treatment

Finally, for all people in need of absolute relaxation, a time to take care of oneself is ideal. A treatment or a massage session is the perfect gift!

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