Flotte is a French brand whose mission is to make bad weather much more cheerful through eco-friendly, colorful and mixed rainwear.

That's us! But how can we shake off the dreary association people have with rain? And how do we play our part in promoting eco-friendly fashion in response to the surge of fast fashion?

Make you love the rain

The founders, Lyly and Mickaël, created Flotte with a very specific mission: to make everyone love the rain. To do this, we create rainwear, windbreakers and colorful , modular accessories that are technical and functional and suitable for all body types. We design pieces for the whole family, products that are useful and that we want to keep and wear all year long, no matter the season.

Our goal is to make sure that all your Flotte pieces will be with you every day, in the sun or in the rain. For that, practicality is our keyword at the design stage. Our specialty: the raincoat that turns into a bag

We know how annoying it can be to carry around a raincoat when it's not raining anymore, we never know where to put it or how to fold it so that it takes up as little space as possible. So we added a practical and invisible bag in the back of our raincoats. Some of them can also be stored in a pocket, so it's up to you to choose the model that suits you best. 

With this feature, you can go out with your raincoat on your back, knowing that it won't bother you when the rain stops and the sun comes out.

Because we believe that meaningful changes occur on a personal level, one individual at a time.

Take part in an eco-responsible fashion

At Flotte, we believe that every action counts. After all, small streams make big rivers. Thus, at our level and with the possibilities that are offered to us, we participate as best we can to make fashion more responsible, more sustainable, and less polluting.

To do so, we imagine and create eco-designed clothes, essentially made of recycled materials. Our main fabric is recycled polyester, which is made from recycled plastic bottles, food packaging and used clothing. The fabric of our raincoats and clothing is therefore recycled and recyclable.

The more, the less

The more recycled polyester we incorporate into the industry, the greater the positive impact on environmental protection and respect. As the share of rPET increases, it naturally results in a decrease in the use of new PET. Achieving this solution involves optimizing the entire process, beginning with effective waste sorting.


The long-term objective is to transform our household waste into a source of high value-added raw materials.


While creating eco-friendly clothing requires a significant financial investment in terms of research and development, at Flotte, we are proud to be committed to the environment and to offer sustainable collections at the right price.

Learn more about our commitments.