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Turn your Flotte box into a planter 🌱

At Flotte, we are firm believevers in the saying "nothing is lost, everything is transformed". Because we are convinced that responsible fashion starts with small daily gestures, we call on your green hands 👨‍🌾

How do you do it? The Flotte boxes are transformed into zero waste jars! We explain how to use these little gems of technology (or almost).

 For this you need: 

Your box Flotte

A bag of organic seeds of your choice or our "Easy to plant" seeds

Potting soil

● .. And some fresh water 💦


1. Cut your box in two parts to obtain two distinct jars

2. Fill your pot completely with potting soil. Stop at 2 cm from the edge.

3. Open an "Easy to plant" bag and sow your seeds.

You can let them soak for 24 hours in a glass of water beforehand. It is important to follow the instructions and keep in mind the sowing schedule to ensure the best result!

4. Pack lightly. Take a glass of water and water gently. The soil should be well moistened.



Water regularly, as soon as the soil is dry. Sun or a source of light, a little patience and watch your plants grow. All that's left to do is pick your favorite herbs or flowers!

With Flotte, no need to throw away your packaging. 100% organic and 100% fun, a fun and good gesture for your recipes!



Share your home gardens with us on Instagram @flotte.co.uk! 🌈


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