Transform a box Flotte in a planter đŸŒ±

Transform a box Flotte in a planter đŸŒ±

For the Flotte, we are followers of the philosophy " Nothing is lost, everything is transformed". Because we are convinced that responsible fashion begins with small daily gestures, we call on your green hands.

The boxes flotte turn into zero waste jars!

 For this you need: 

●  Your box Flotte 

●  A bag of organic seeds of your choice or our "Easy to plant "

●  Potting soil

● .. And a little cool water 💩


Cut your box into two parts to get two separate jars

Fill your pot completely with potting soil. Stop 2cm from the edge.

Open an “Easy to plant” bag and sow your seeds. You can first let them soak for 24 hours in a glass of water. It is important to follow the instructions and keep the sowing schedule in mind to ensure the best result!

Tamp lightly. Take a glass of water and water gently. The earth must be very moist.


Water regularly, as soon as the soil is dry. Sun or a light source, a little patience and watch your plants grow. All you have to do is pick your aromatic herbs or flowers!

With Flotte, no need to throw away your packaging. 100% organic and 100% fun, a fun and good gesture for your recipes!

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