Bastille Rouge
Bastille Rouge
Bastille Rouge
Bastille Rouge
Bastille Rouge
Bastille Rouge

Red Bastille

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Waterproof short windbreaker.
Ultra light, it will accompany your child everywhere.



GRS-Global Recycled Standard


Heat-sealed seams


Recycled materials

2-in-1 bag


It is the ideal jacket to follow them in all their adventures, it transforms in an instant into a bag, a waist bag or a messenger bag.

100% recycled and certified polyester. A fabric that resists a pressure of 10000 mm.

Lenny and Leia love turning it into a bag when it's not raining. We wear it, we fold it, we carry it! The bag is invisible at the back. You can hide some small things there. Once transformed into a bag, there is even room to put a bottle of water and a small snack! Incredible, right?

Small point on the size:

From the biggest Mail Linh to the smallest Léa.

Mail Linh is 151cm tall and wears a size 10. Leoh is 137cm tall and wears a size 8. Lenny is 111cm tall and wears size 4 years old. Léa measures 107 and wears a 4 year old.

What is recycled polyester?

Coming mainly from the recycling of used bottles, food packaging and used clothing, rPET (or recycled polyester) is brought back to the state of fiber to be reused. This material ages slowly and is resistant to UV rays or bad weather. The advantage is that it can be recycled several times.

PET can be recycled from post-industrial and post-consumer raw materials: it takes the equivalent of 12 bottles of water to create a model Bastille.

An eco-responsible material:

The higher the percentage of recycled polyester in the industry, the greater the virtuous effect on protection and respect for the environment. Indeed, the increase in the proportion of rPET automatically leads to a drop in the consumption of new PET. This solution requires optimizations throughout the chain, starting with waste sorting.

The goal: transform our household waste into a source of raw material with high added value.

Bastille collection

A practical collection and mixed. It is equally suitable for girls and boys. The Bastille model turns into a backpack. You can even hide some small things there!


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