Flotte is a French brand, committed to more responsible and sustainable fashion 🌱

Cloakroom colored et playful for useful pieces that we keep throughout the seasons. We develop modular pieces that adapt to everyone's daily life. Integrated and sewn to the piece, our windproof raincoats adapt to suit your activities by transforming into a bag in an instant. 

Our community of pluviophiles shares the same vision of " positive attitude ". The rain does not slow us down, on the contrary, it reminds us that we are indeed alive. Because the rain is synonymous with a happy childhood memory to run around trying to catch as many drops as possible. 

Without it, there would be no flower, tree, or fruit. Let's celebrate it with joy and happiness, join the community Flotte !

We are convinced that the big changes are made at the level of each individual 🐳

Because every action counts, because small streams make great rivers, we are committed on a daily basis to more responsible and sustainable fashion, to take care of the planet of today and tomorrow.

Creating eco-responsible clothing requires a significant financial investment in terms of research and development, but at Flotte, we are proud to be committed to the environment and to offer you sustainable collections at the right price.