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    We strongly advise against using the dryer for your waterproof jacket, as it will damage its protective film. We recommend that you dry your rain jacket flat or on a hanger. 

    The rain jacket is no longer just a practical hiking garment. The rain jacket has become a true style piece to wear in the city and on a daily basis. Find all our trendy look ideas right here.

    You can find us in many retail stores in France or in our pop up stores when we have the opportunity to open one. To find out which store is closest to you, take a look at our map.

    Raincoats and windbreakers for women, men and children

    Our rain jackets combine technicality and practicality with numerous features.Our outerwear are designed to keep you dry in the rain  allowing you to stay comfortable and protected in the elements. From the classic beige to more vibrant colors, chose the print or the colour that matches your mood. 

    With many years of expertise, our rain jackets can withstand a water pressure of 10,000 mm, so you don't have to worry about unexpected showers. Go on adventures while being protected with our waterproof double-slider zippers, which are convenient for cycling.

    Protect your personal belongings inside the zippered or snap-button closed pockets. To ensure maximum waterproofing, the seams of our clothing are heat-sealed. Our waterproof and windproof jackets are breathable and durable, serving as a true second skin and providing you with joy and freedom.