This season's must-haves


This season's must-haves


This season's must-haves

Get ready for adventure with our colorful accessories that defy cold and rain while providing protection, warmth and comfort.

    In 100% recycled and certified fabrics
    Fast and free delivery in France from 59€.
    More than 10,000 rain lovers won over, and you? see reviews
    "I'm thrilled with it, super practical, nice design, beautiful colors and fun to wear! Thank you Flotte" Emmanuelle

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    Like many of you, when it rains, we use this typically French expression: "il flotte".

    At Flotte, we were keen to highlight this word from the French slang and to make it known internationally!

    Why this logo?

            ◦ The drop of water represents the "o" in Flotte and our reason for being, rain.

            ◦ The small crack at the circle echoes our disruptive side, treating rain differently through color and positive attitude. It also refers to the power of water, which changes shapes.

            ◦ Finally, the colors are reminiscent of France, our roots and our source of inspiration! All our pieces are designated in Paris. to open one. To find out which boutique is closest to you, take a look at our map.

    We are present in France and abroad in many retailers' stores, more than 250 to date! From time to time, you can also find our pop up stores in the big cities and department stores of France. To know where to find us near you, please consult our map.

    Our standard home delivery is via colissimo and is offered from 59€ of purchase. This is a carbon neutral delivery option. The first exchange is offered in France.

    Other delivery options in France: 

    Free delivery in relay point from 59€ of purchase.

    Express delivery 24H TNT 9.99€ with signature (order placed before 12am delivered the next business day. It is imperative to provide a delivery address and that a physical person can receive the package with signature)

    In Europe : standard delivery at 10€.

    DOM-TOM : standard delivery at 12€.

    International : standard delivery at 25€.

    Flotte does not have a sale for two reasons: 

    Our collections are timeless 

    We are against overproduction, our collections are produced in limited quantities to avoid having "unsold", on the contrary, it is better to go for it as soon as the color you expect is available!

    Optimize your style with trendy accessories

    Refine your look with fashion accessories that add character and flair to your outfit. For a complete look, add trendy pieces that enhance your style and set off your clothes. Opt for a colorful, water-repellent cap, a headgear that's easy to carry around, choose an isothermal stainless steel flask or even a cushioned plaid for your trips and picnics, or add a waterproof, quilted scarf for cooler days.

    With the onset of winter, adapt your wardrobe and accessories by opting for fleece bobs made from recycled fabric and wool hats to cope with low temperatures.

    What are the trendiest eco-responsible accessories for autumn and winter?

    As the winter season approaches, the quest for warmth and style now blends harmoniously with ecological awareness. The question is: what are the trendiest eco-responsible accessories for winter? The answer can be found at Flotte, THE benchmark brand for colorful, eco-responsible rainwear.

    At the top of the list, the Woolmark-certified wool beanie perfectly embodies the alliance between comfort and sustainability. Wool, renowned for its exceptional insulating properties, is ethically sourced, guaranteeing warmth without compromising ecological standards.

    The Bucket hat reversible from Flotte stands out for its ecological ingenuity. On one side, a soft fleece offers protection against the cold, while on the other, a waterproof fabric is made from recycled bottles. A clever way to give plastics a second life while staying on the cutting edge of fashion. The quilted, reversible scarf is not to be outdone. Featuring Dupont Sorona plant-derived down, it embodies the perfect marriage of comfort, warmth and respect for the environment. An accessory that warms the body while soothing the conscience. Flotte goes even further with its stainless steel isothermal bottle, an ecological alternative to disposable plastic bottles. Not only does it maintain the temperature of drinks, it also reduces the carbon footprint, helping to preserve our planet.

    Finally, for moments of relaxation at home, Flotte offers a cushion that transforms into a plaid, made from recycled fleece fabric. A practical, comforting object, coupled with an eco-responsible approach that fits in with the brand's global vision.

    When you choose accessories from Flotte, you're opting for winter fashion that takes care of the planet. The brand's responsible approach proves that eco-friendly fashion can be chic, comfortable and trendy. This winter, stay warm while preserving the beauty of our environment with eco-responsible accessories from Flotte.